Communi5 – Company Introduction

Communication made easy is one of the leading themes of the Austrian company, Communi5, that introduced itself to the public on 23rd January 2020, within the framework of a get-together. At the ‘Launch Lounge’ Thomas Haydn, CEO of Communi5, took the floor to recount the successful journey of UCaas (Unified Communications as a Service) products and solutions.  He has been on this journey himself since the early 2000s and many of his fellow travelers from those days are still by his side.

“Communication is the key to success, be it between colleagues or in direct contact with customers. It has always been thus, but over the years, the methods of communication have changed considerably, particularly since the introduction of the Internet. To keep track of everything, always and everywhere have access to vital information, and to be free of the restrictions of location or time of day, these are the challenges facing modern communications solutions. And this is precisely what our products do”, he told his listeners with conviction.

That his conviction is real is clear when you talk to him. And he sent a further signal in this direction in August 2019 when he, along with his investors, pushed for a management buyout of the UCaaS segment from TELES AG.

Summarizing, Thomas Haydn said, “It has been a challenging journey, and one we have been on for many months now. In discussions with our investors as well as development talks with customers, we are always reminded that it is also absolutely the right way. The dialogue taking place here among our international guests and the exciting presentations made by our guest speakers show clearly that the future lies in cloud-based solutions.” The company history proves him right. Over 40 customers in 27 countries are already building on the expertise of Communi5, and a lot of new staff has been recruited, with the aim of improving service for existing customers and, equally importantly, driving progress in technical development.


About Communi5

The central issues in the modern business world are mobility, simplification of IT/relocation to the cloud, and collaboration.  It is Communi5’s mission to deliver user-friendly and secure services that comply with the communications requirements of our service provider customers.

We work with well-known customers and partners who, in turn, create customized solutions for their clients. The resulting solutions are as varied and diverse as the clients themselves.

Communi5 was founded in 2019 after a management buyout from TELES AG. The company has offices in Vienna and Berlin.

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