We released version 7.0 of our Voice Application Server software!

In recent weeks we released version 7.0 of our Voice Application Server software, introducing a new redundancy/scaling system. In addition to the existing location / geo redundancy, the new architecture can map a so-called active/active geo redundancy, allowing not only loadsharing between locations but a quadruple redundancy concept for particularly critical or high-availability communications services. And the architecture can be expanded as needed using horizontal scaling.

The software also offers numerous improvements for end users. We now have full integration of Microsoft Teams for service providers (https://communi5.com/produkte/ms-teams-integration-2/) and our softclients impress with easy-to-use call control to Microsoft Teams endpoints, merging the best of Communi5 with the world of Microsoft.


Another new feature is easy access to centrally managed contacts in the Microsoft Exchange global address book (GAL) as well as to shared contacts from multiple accounts.


The availability and delivery of incoming VoIP calls has been greatly improved by supporting the new iOS CallKit 13, even when only one mobile phone is available.


This new release strengthens the capacity of the Communi5 softclient to be a powerful partner for mobile employees, who, instead of thinking about how it works, they just use it, in the office or at home.

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