PBX Features

Improving the foundations of successful communication

Collaborative work has never been easier – our Cloud PBX offers all of the functions of a modern telephone system in a very uncomplicated way. Whether your staff are sitting in the office, on the go, or at home anywhere in the world, they can connect to your telephone system at any time without any difficulty.

Basic functions such as switching between calls, being reachable on more than one device, and holding and forwarding calls, are considered standard nowadays, and are obviously included.

However, our product offers even more easy-to-use functions to make the workday run even smoother.

 Convenience functions

▪ Busy lamp field

See who is on a call and who is free

BLF allows you to monitor the status of your colleagues‘ phones by assigning their numbers to the lamps on your phone and with the Communi5 softclients. When a lamp lights up, you know that the person with that number is currently on a call. If you have the pickup function and see that a colleague’s phone is ringing, you can take the call yourself by simply pressing the appropriate button on your phone.

▪ On-hold music 

Have your own music played when you put a caller on hold.

▪ Mobile phone integration

– with “Follow Me”

You can set this up to include your mobile device in the routing configuration for your main number. Your mobile will ring at the same time as your landline, or at some time after that. The latter feature is called Follow Me. It allows you to define a target that will ring at a defined length of time after your landline. The target can be your mobile or another landline.

– With the smartphone app

Transform your landline number into a mobile number with a smartphone app. All you have to do is set up the VoIP target that is linked to the number, and then you can take calls to your landline anywhere.  Communi5  offers apps for  iOS and Android.



– As a mobile PBX

▪ Multi-location – group various locations into one system.

It is very easy to manage numbers with different area codes with a cloud telephone system. Just form the locations into groups. Staff in Vienna and Berlin, for instance, can work together as if they were sitting next to each other.

▪ Numbering plan

If you want to migrate existing locations and their numbers, you can do it without changing the numbers for the locations. All you have to do is assign a unique code to each location. The code is used in front of the existing numbers, thus avoiding any overlap in the numbering plans.

▪ Speed dialing

Cloud telephone system users only have to dial a defined speed dial number, rather than the complete number, to reach an extension.


▪ Call queues (ACD)

With a click of the mouse you can add a call queue that puts callers through immediately without having to listen to an anonymous ringing tone. Create a hunt group to handle the calls efficiently and evenly.

▪ Tailored answering service 

Create different answering machine messages for different situations. You will be informed of new messages by e-mail or text message.

▪ Busy lamp field with call pickup function

These two features together improve efficiency. You can see if a colleague is on a call, and if an unoccupied phone is called, you can take the call yourself by just pressing a button on your phone.

▪ Classic group calls

Do you want an entire department to be reachable under one number? You decide which end devices that will be covered by this number. This allows you to set up teams for a hotline, for example, or to ensure that a staff member is reachable at several different desks at the same time. You can also create a fixed order that has target A ringing for a set time before target B starts to ring because the call was unanswered.

▪ Parallel ringing

Groups can include external phones such as mobiles, as well as IP phones. They all ring when your extension number is called.

▪ Night mode

Every workday comes to an end! This does not mean that calls stop coming in. Use night mode to define what happens to calls after you have left. You can have them forwarded to a colleague or an answering machine. Or you can record a message giving your business hours, but not allowing the caller to leave a message.

Fax2Mail and Web2Fax

Forget about the conventional fax machine. This feature allows you to send and receive fax messages without using any paper. VAS works with an online fax function. Incoming faxes are e-mail attachments in PDF format, and thus free of charge. You can send faxes online, using a tablet, smartphone or PC.

▪ PIN-protected conference rooms

The conference function is perfect if you want to talk to several people at the same time. The use of a PIN ensures that only people who were given the PIN actually have access to the conference.

Autoprovisioning (Zero touch)

You can configure your IP phones automatically in the Cloud PBX, to save time and energy. Click here for a list of supported phones.

Selfcare Portal – staff access

You can grant your staff permission to manage some terminal devices and extensions themselves. That way they do not have to contact the administrator for every single call forwarding activity.

Functions such as call forwarding, answering machine, and night mode can be set up, activated and deactivated using OfficeDesk.

Outlook and TAPI

The TAPI driver allows you to call numbers directly from Windows programs, such as Outlook. When you click on the number, your phone rings. The call is set up when you pick up.

Premium Functions

UMS Box (Visual voicemail/faxmail/recordings) 

Permanent call recording

Manager Assistant 

Call Completion Busy Subscriber (CCBS) and Call Completion No Reply (CCNR) 

Handover Desktop – Mobile telephone (Swap call)  

Handover between 2G/3G/4G/5G 

Push Server for incoming calls and Instant Messaging 

Presence Management

Cloud LDAP phone book

Instant Messaging (Chat) 


Screen Sharing

Premium Solutions

MS Teams

Call Center

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