“Discover Communi5”

“Discover Communi5” gives you a good overview of the functions and possibilities that our solutions have to offer.

MS Teams Presence Integration

  • MS Teams Presence Integration
  • Direct Routing
  • Cloud PBX

DesktopControl Client

  • How to use Desktop Control
  • Unified Session/Call Logging
  • Instant Messaging & Group Communication
  • Rich Presence & Unified Messaging functions
  • Feature Interactions & Configurations

MobileControl Client

  • How to use MobileControl
  • Explanations of different Call Modes
  • Rich Presence States & Unified Messaging functions
  • Instant Messaging & Group Communications
  • Unified Session/Call Logging & Contacts
  • Feature Interactions and Configurations

Seamless Handover of Call Sessions between End-Devices

  • IP Phone to DesktopControl Client
  • DesktopControl Client to MobileControl Client

Status Synchronisation of Call Features between End-Devices

  • Activation/Deactivation of call features on different devices.
  • Status Sync on IP Phones, DesktopControl & MobileControl Clients
  • Usage of Feature Codes

CTI with the VAS: Click to Dial from any application & Outlook Plug In

  • Usage of Outlook Plug-In
  • Control your IP Phone with DesktopControl
  • See how Click-to-Dial from any application works

Using your Account / Extension on any End-Device

  • Simultaneous use of the user account on an IP-Phone, DesktopControl and MobileControl
  • Incoming call on all devices
  • Usage of client based Do-Not-Disturb feature

Integrating Kuando Busylight with DesktopControl & DesktopOperator Clients

  • Default start-up and login states with DesktopOperator
  • Demonstration of ringing & talking states
  • Rich presence states integration

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