Communi5 takes over the carrier solutions segment from TELES AG

It has only been four years since Communi5 was founded as the result of a management buyout from the Berlin company TELES AG. Now Communi5 is taking over the entire carrier solutions segment, including staff, products and solutions, and customer contracts.

This is a very big step for us, albeit a logical one. Many of our customers use products that are based on the TELES softswitch solution, so it makes sense to integrate it into our daily business. Above all we are integrating the knowledge and experience of the long-standing staff,” Thomas Haydn, CEO of Communi5, proclaimed.

Nothing will change for the customers. In fact, things will be even easier for many of them now that everything is available from one source. It also indicates the many positives to the staff, as it will drive further development and use the synergy as an additional engine for new ideas.

As a result of this takeover, we have grown by about a third, a challenge for any company structure. We had many useful discussions in the run-up to the takeover, and it was clear then, as it is now, that both sides approach the change with enthusiasm. We also have the advantage that most of the staff members had already worked together for years. Every step we take will be made based on the tried-and-trusted plus a pinch of excitement for the new. We are confident that precisely this mixture will lead to many innovations,” Thomas Haydn added. “We have won many large, important projects, customers and partners over the years. We just recently held our Lounge in Vienna, where all could see the performance behind our products and the possibilities they offer. The positive feedback, the atmosphere at the Lounge, and the enthusiasm displayed by the customers, are the best indication that we are on the right path.”

The Communi5 platform offers far more than regular services in the cloud era. The solution is multi-client capable and highly scalable. The implementation is supported by a highly-qualified team of experts. With over 20 years’ experience in the market, the members of team have more than just extensive technical knowledge. They also know the market and its possibilities inside out. In recent years Communi5 has helped telephony providers worldwide to become real communications providers, transforming opportunity into success.

You can find the press release for this year’s Lounge, including customer feedback, here:

Communi5 impresses with a very multi-facetted Lounge

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