Communi5 impresses with a very multi-facetted Lounge

This year’s Communi5 Lounge, entitled “20 Years Live – Past, Present and Future of UcaaS”, took place yesterday in Vienna.

Several telecommunications and partner companies came together to listen to twelve exciting lectures and a very interesting panel discussion on the subject of “The future of communications”.

In addition to the technical innovations presented by companies such as Snom, Audiocodes, TELES, T-Mobile, Ecotel, COM Plan and Communi5 itself, the partner companies Orange and 21ctl shared interesting insights into the communications market in the Middle East and Africa. The event was rounded off by two guest speakers, Dominik Black from Cavell Group and Kristian MacCarter from Q Advisors, two experts with great vision for the industry.

Remarks made at the end of the event show how trailblazing the day was for all. “It is of immense value to exchange ideas and experiences, to get everyone on the same level. Communi5 is doing a great job in this respect – through their daily work, as evidenced by the partners and product developments, but also with this Lounge. If you look around you here, you can see the trust that has been built up over the years, based on the work done by Communi5” Dominik Black, Cavell Group, said.

Wale Ajisebutu, from 21ctl, who was here for the first time and gave an insider’s view of the Nigerian market, said enthusiastically: “The key to success is collaboration. No one can bring about change on their own. We have to work together. And that is what today was about – coming together and moving forward together.”

Madjid Babaci, from Orange said: “We have worked with Communi5 almost every day over the last three years. To be here today, getting to know all of the staff and meeting the other partners, seeing what the Communi5 platform makes possible, has given us valuable new ideas, and for me personally, it was a highlight.

To quote Kristian MacCarter from Q Advisors: “First of all, I would like to congratulate Communi5 – to be on the market for twenty years, to have contracts with such big partner companies, is a tremendous achievement. It has been terrific to come together in such a beautiful location and to see how satisfied everyone is with the Communi5 solutions.”

Markus Hendrich, CEO of Ecotel, was particularly impressed with the lectures: “To get a better view of the Communi5 portfolio and development plans, to have dialogue with other customers, and gain a better understanding of different markets – African, American and European – helps each of us to better understand their own position in the market and to orientate themselves, and to work together with Communi5 to further develop the products so that all of us are successful.”

Thomas Haydn, CEO of Communi5, was visibly moved. He opened the evening event with a picture of a mind map created twenty years earlier showing what the Lounge was all about: “When I look at what we drew that day and where we are today – with many new faces but also with those who’ve been with us from the beginning – I am filled with pride and gratitude in equal measure. Without those staff members who believed in our product from the start, and the customers and partners who joined us along the way, we would not be where we are today. I would like to thank everyone who made those twenty years, and today, unforgettable.”

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