Communi5 offers service providers the opportunity to achieve additional value in the integration of Microsoft Teams

Unified Communication (UC) has been an integral part of corporate communications for many years. Since the Corona years at the latest, home offices have been established in most business areas. With a market share of 46%, Microsoft Teams is the clear market leader for unified communication and collaboration solutions.

Many service providers see this as a danger of losing business communication as a business model completely to Microsoft. However, this is simply wrong, because MS Teams is far from being able to cover all the required business communication functions. In a newly published whitepaper, Communi5 presents the possibilities for service providers to profitably supplement MS Teams and thus increase customer loyalty.

Many companies, despite all the flexibility and simplicity that UC solutions bring with them, still have to meet strong security standards, continue to use fax and do not want to do without the convenience of having a wide range of terminals available.

However, these are all weak points in the Microsoft system, which are solved with the help of the Communi5 Voice Application Server. As described in detail in the white paper, network operators and service providers thus can create added value by means of the integrated solution and are no longer dependent on selling standard products. They can offer industry solutions, build up additional business with voice minutes, optimize the cost structure by means of central cloud connections, and increase customer loyalty through white label solutions.

“The fact that Microsoft has such a large market share is only difficult at first glance for our communications world. What is often overlooked is how great the opportunities are for service providers if they manage to integrate Microsoft into their own offering, expand it with qualified knowledge and technical expertise, and thus offer the customer an even stronger solution. For more than twenty years, we have always developed along the market needs – here we have clearly recognized that especially the security aspect, but also industry-specific requirements, such as special end devices or the connection of analog end devices, are fundamental decision criteria pro or contra UCaaS solutions for very many companies. In our whitepaper as well as in personal consulting we show these winning prospects.” says Thomas Haydn, CEO of Communi5.

You can request the whitepaper by sending an email to We will also be happy to assist you in developing ideas and pointing out opportunities.


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