ecotel and Communi5 are Optimising their Modern Communications Products for Business Customers

As the leading provider of future-oriented ICT solutions, ecotel has been firmly established on the German B-to-B market for 25 years. In collaboration with Communi5, a company that has been active for over 20 years in the field of innovation and progress in communications, they have developed a high-scalability, high-availability communications platform that enables provision of the most up-to-date telecommunications offerings for the German market.

The entire ecotel communications portfolio is formed from this geo-redundant platform:

  • Modern voice connections based on VoIP / SIP technology
  • Multiclient-capable cloud telephony systems (Cloud PBX, Centrex)
  • Upgrade of SIP trunk products with cloud telephony features such as Fax-2-Mail, and network-based call forwarding in case of failure
  • Integration of voice telephony in leading UCC products such as Microsoft Teams, and RingCentral


“We at ecotel are concentrating on the growth areas »cloud & fibre«, keeping our focus on the most important trends for the future. As we see it, the Communi5 platform is one of the best building blocks available to fulfil our business customers‘ diverse and complex requirements for modern voice communications. We work together all the time to further develop the platform, and collaborate closely, especially when carrying out short-term realisation of new ideas and features. We are able to smoothly migrate customers from one technology to another or even run mixed systems, thanks to our ability to run all technologies on a common platform. In this way we can create true innovation, something we are very proud of, and that can be adjusted to suit the requirements of the market at any time “, Markus Hendrich, CEO of ecotel, stressed.

Thomas Haydn, CEO of Communi5, also enjoys the long and successful partnership: “A top German provider and our top technology – a partnership doesn’t get much better than that. A collaboration of equals, which has been making our products better and more reliable for years, has resulted in a perfect solution, unique on the market “.

The Communi5 platform forms the basis of a high-availability, geo-redundant cluster architecture over several data centres. It is multi-client and multi-service capable. Only one platform is required for all types of communication service, thus enabling the highest scalability while reducing operational costs. All of the products and services produced by the platform are fully integrated into the modern digital processes and systems; they can be set up automatically and implemented within a few minutes, and all functions and expansions can be configured by the customers themselves in real time.

It has never been easier to provide communications. Why not see for yourself – ecotel will present your experience at the Communi5 Lounge on September 28 in Vienna. If you are interested in taking part, please contact

For more than a quarter of a century, ecotel has been one of the leading quality providers for business customers. The driving forces of innovation and close customer contact are behind the company’s success. Cloud and SIP telephony, fibre optics & VDSL, SD-Wan and MPLS-VPNs, housing and hosting, are the keywords behind the communications solutions that ecotel creates for each customer to provide them with the exact solution they need for success. Testament to this is not just over 300 partners and more than 15,000 business customers, but also the awards won over the years, most recently the „Innovationspreis-IT“ 2023 (2023 prize for innovation in the IT field).

Communi5 offers a platform for much more than regular services in the cloud era. The solution is multi-client capable and highly scalable, implemented by a highly-qualified team. With over 20 years’ experience in the market, the members of the technical team at Communi5 have more than just extensive technical knowledge. They also know the market and its possibilities inside out. In recent years Communi5 has helped telephony providers worldwide to become real communications providers, transforming opportunity into success.

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