The perfect MS Teams Integration for Service Providers – by Communi5

Microsoft Teams is one of the leading collaboration tools currently in use and the trend continues unabated for many reasons. This is a great chance for service providers, who can profit greatly by offering this type of telephony integration with MS Teams, opening up new business opportunities for themselves.
Communi5 has been offering a solution to integrate MS Teams with telephony since 2019, and it has been successfully deployed by service providers across the entire EMEA region. The Austrian service provider Yuutel is a case in point.

“In this day and age, company telephony has to be flexible and portable. We enable companies to move their entire PBX infrastructures to the Cloud in a completely uncomplicated way. In Communi5 we found the ideal partner – technologically, professionally and personally – to carry this out,” declared Markus Buchner, Yuutel CEO. Since 2020, the company has deployed MS Teams integration for over fifty companies. One of the most successful was carried out at the Bundesagentur für Betreuungs- und Unterstützungsleistungen (BBU) – the Federal Agency for Reception and Support Services – where twenty-eight locations were equipped with MS Teams and telephony integration within a very short space of time.

Communi5 has the ideal solution for different use cases: where MS Teams covers the customer’s telephony needs, there is a simple and cost-efficient direct routing integration with SIP trunks. If that is not sufficient, service providers can also offer the high-performance Cloud PBX functions of the C5 and integrate them with MS Teams.

“Our solution offers wide-ranging integration possibilities with MS Teams, fully covering the telephony needs of companies. Service providers can secure added value and/or increased market share with our solution, “ said Martin Grech, Communi5 product manager. He continued “Our new software version even offers presence status and calendar availability information from MS365 and MS Teams that can be monitored and synchronised in real time in our Cloud PBX. This provides completely new ways to manage availability, for example, the combination of call forwarding settings or the ‘Do-not-Disturb‘ status during MS Teams sessions.“

The Communi5 solution is constantly developing ways to keep companies up to date with developments in communications. To discuss your own opportunities as a service provider, please contact us at

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