VTX Telecom successfully builds on the Communi5 UCAAS platform with MS Teams integration

Having successfully deployed the Communi5 VAS platform for more than ten years, VTX Telecom decided six months ago to add the MS Teams expansion, enabling them to offer a tailor-made communications solution to their users.

“The decision to expand our existing Communi5 system with MS Teams was an obvious one. Nobody on the Swiss market was proposing such an innovative solution and no other platform offers such an easy way to integrate MS teams as Communi5. To go with a European company, long known for its emphasis on service and reliability, has proven, once again, to have been the right choice”, said Yves Pitton, CEO of VTX Telecom.

The comprehensive Communi5 UCAAS platform has been offering full integration of MS Teams via direct routing since Release 7.0. This allows network providers to expand their existing business models and offer their users up-to-date telecommunications solutions.

VTX Telecom presents two different use cases to their customers. The VTX Teams Connect solution offers a  cost-efficient way to link a centralized PSTN with Microsoft Teams, promoting an increase in existing telephony turnover or even additional sales. The Teams Virtual PBX, on the other hand, is a cloud PBX solution with integrated MS Teams whose much simplified structures save on cost and workload while offering all the possibilities of a UC or PBX not provided by Teams itself.

“MS Teams has increased so much in popularity that many companies presume its use. This presents new challenges for traditional service providers. Our goal is to demonstrate the business opportunities afforded by the integration of our solution with MS Teams and the resulting ways to generate new sales. We are very happy that this has been so well received by our long-standing partners, VTX”, Thomas Haydn, Communi5 CEO, remarked.

Companies and users alike profit from the fact that existing telephone numbers and IP addresses do not have to be changed, expensive hardware solutions do not take up space or require maintenance, and the technical knowledge already accumulated can continue to be applied by all users. Just as before, calls can be received, put on hold and toggled, and everyone, whether they use MS Teams or not, can continue to communicate with each other.

Since its inception in 1986, VTX Telecom is known to be an innovative and reliable partner in all matters of telecommunications, Cloud and IT. Their commitment to continuous development and their future-orientation allow them to fulfil every need in the areas of Internet, virtual switchboards, hosting, etc.. They have a trusted relationship with their customers, allowing them to lay the foundations for the rollout of technical innovations.

Communi5 offers a platform for far more than standard services in the Cloud era. The solution is multi-client capable and highly scalable, and the implementation is carried out by a highly-qualified team with almost twenty years’ experience in this segment, meaning that not only are they technically savvy but well-versed in market trends and movements. Communi5 has helped telephony providers all over the world to become bona fide telecommunications providers and to turn opportunities into wins.


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