Communi5 modernizes Ooredoo Kuwait’s communications network for business customers

Having successfully replaced their ISDN-based core network with an IP-based Communi5 solution, Ooredoo Kuwait has now taken the next step. With the introduction of the Communi5 Voice Application Server, they are opening up the doors to a whole array of service possibilities for their business and enterprise customers. The most up-to-date UC services are now available.

Customers can now upgrade to Cloud PBX / Unified Communications Services or enhance their existing PBX.

The legacy managed PBX platform for SME customers has also been replaced with the Communi5 solution. This is a much easier system to set up and run because it contains all of the functions in one place. In the past, the services had to be configured and integrated individually. Now this is done by simply turning them on or off.

Home/remote office services can be quickly and easily implemented because the functions can be made available by computer or smartphone apps. In times of crisis like the Covid 19 pandemic, it has become standard practice to work from home, or indeed from any location, and the Communi5 platform provides the best possible support for these scenarios.

“Our solution offers any number of profitable expansions for Ooredoo’s business customer segment –  for example, the much sought-after integration of Microsoft Teams, and the complete native integration of mobile networks. The Communi5 solution unifies mobile and fixed networks and transforms mobile devices into UC extensions,” said Werner Schimek, Communi5 Technologies GmbH Sales Director for MENA.

“We are very pleased to have found a reliable partner in Communi5, a company whose future-oriented technology we can trust. This solution allows us to perfectly fulfil the requirements of our business customer segment,” said Sherin Sultan from Ooredoo Kuwait of the collaboration between the two companies.

Communi5 offers a platform for enterprise communications services, ranging from a simple PBX connection, to cloud trunking for Microsoft Teams, to a fully convergent Unified Communications Service. The solution is multi-client capable and highly scalable. The implementations are supported by a highly-qualified team with almost twenty years’ experience in this segment, meaning that not only are they technically savvy but very well-versed in market trends and movements. Communi5 has helped telephony providers all over the world to become bona fide telecommunications providers and to turn opportunities into wins.

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