Snom and Communi5 strengthen technology partnership


Snom and Communi5 strengthen technology partnership

Snom and Communi5 set another milestone on the way to maximum interoperability: The Snom “DECT Revolution” now also finds its way into Communi5 solutions.

Snom, the globally established top brand for modern telephony in the enterprise and industrial sectors, and Communi5, formerly Teles Communications Systems, a recognised provider of UCaaS and cloud PBX solutions for service providers, announce that Snom VoIP DECT base stations for indoor and outdoor use as well as for single and multi-cell operation are now integrated in Communi5 solutions.

Given that enterprises can use the Snom DECT base stations M300, M700 and M900 to build secure wireless telecommunications infrastructure for up to 16,000 DECT terminals, the benefit of this announcement is obvious: Joint customers will now benefit from automatic zero-touch configuration services, allowing the Snom DECT solutions to be set up regardless of location and reducing the setup effort and misconfiguration risk to almost zero. It also simplifies the roll-out of software updates, providing Snom users with new features on a regular basis and free of charge for even more user-friendly use of its solutions.

“With its complete portfolio of wireless DECT IP phones, Snom has opened up new markets for itself, such as highly complex office buildings, warehouses, hospitals and industrial environments, where the requirements for versatility, robustness and future-oriented solutions are much higher than in other market segments,” explains Peter Pranzl, Product Manager, Communi5. “By integrating the VoIP-DECT base stations into our UCaaS and cloud PBX platforms, we want to offer our customers the chance to enjoy the benefits of these solutions in the most immediate way possible.”

“We have had a successful technological partnership with Communi5 for many years,” emphasises Mark Wiegleb, Head of Interop & Integration, Snom Technology GmbH. “We are united by the same demands for reliability, innovation and quality of solutions. We are all the more pleased that our DECT revolution has also found its way into Communi5. This means that Communi5 customers are also ideally equipped for our further developments in the field of “Smart Workplace” and building automation.”


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