Tracer Communi5

The Communi5 Tracer is THE central log and analysis tool for all components in the Communi5 solution. You only need to log in once to get a complete overview of the program. All of the data (signaling, application logs, etc.) is displayed in real-time. You can manage it and take immediate steps if there are error messages.

The user-friendly interface together with the self-explanatory tools enables the uncomplicated display and analysis of data, which is supported by a sophisticated real-time search and filter mechanism.

Short and sweet: tedious analysis of single data items is a thing of the past. All relevant data is collected from the components in the network, correlated and then displayed.

Advantages at a glance

▪ Signaling tracer with centralized log management

▪ Correlation function of Communi5 internal application logs with signaling data across all components

▪ Display functions (sequence diagram and message log)

▪ Search and filter functions based on the network structure

▪ Integration of third-party products

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